How do I avoid sounding like a robot when writing content for my social network or website?

How do I avoid sounding like a robot when writing content for my social network or website?

Your social media feed is an essential tool to your business. It provides the titbits of your daily life to your followers and potential customers. It is a regular opportunity to add your personality to your product or your service.

But doing this on a, sometimes, daily basis can be a strain. To always be the happy, positive person you want to portray when sometimes you’re actually feeling the opposite is a near impossible task. Maybe you lost a client or a good lead didn’t go anywhere. Maybe you just ran out of coffee.

This is where in-app scheduling or software like Hootsuite can be valuable because when you are that happy, positive person you can smash out loads of great posts.

There is another danger though. With social media posts needing to be so regular, it can be easy to lose your personality and become robotic. This can alienate your audience because they feel they are being talked at instead of being talked with.

The same is true of your website. You may have several pages of info and trying to keep a consistent yet appealing tone across the board can be hard.

One of the best things I ever learnt in writing and in authoring a book was to write as if you were sitting down eyeball to eyeball with somebody, having a coffee.

Imagine the person reading your post is sitting right in front of you. They ask you the question or they want to know about a certain part of your business and your task is to explain it to them. That’s the style and that’s the tone that I tend to always recommend because it’s authentic and people resonate with that authenticity.

Humans deal with humans. Humans buy from humans. Having that conversation is the style which I would tend to recommend across social media. It’s as if you’re having a chat. It doesn’t need to necessarily be highly articulate. The level of articulation would depend on who your audience is. Sometimes being overly colloquial can be inappropriate.

You might find that for the average business dealing with multiple customers and clients, that just speaking naturally and being open and honest about the parts of your business or the content you want to create, is the way to do it.

I know if you have a look at mine you’ll find that most of my content, if not all of it is, as if I was asking questions, as if I was speaking to you. Likewise, my book is written in the same way. The first chapter is literally titled ‘Let’s have a cuppa,’ because I want it to feel as if you’re sitting down with me having a coffee and we’re talking about your business.

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