What are the best marketing strategies to implement for a new business?

What are the best marketing strategies to implement for a new business?

If you were going fishing and wanted to find a new spot, what preparation would you do? Firstly, you would find out if there are any fish to be caught right? You’ll want to find the type of fish and whether they were worth catching.

It’s the same with your new business’s marketing strategy. Firstly, you’ve got to fish where the fish are. Which sounds obvious, but you’ve also got to understand your audience.

Who is your ideal customer? Is it a guy or a girl or is it a business?

What’s the ideal age range? Teenagers? 30-50? Over 50s?

Where do they live? Urban or rural?

What is their behaviour? How to they react? How do they think?

In marketing speak these are called, geographic, socioeconomic, demographic and their psychographic.

It is a useful exercise to draw your ideal customer and give him/her/them a name and then write down what their hobbies are, what music they listen to, where they go on holiday, what they do in their free time, etc, etc. You may to ask your ideal customers these questions to get accurate answers but once you’ve figured this out it is much easier to work out the best way to talk to them.

So if you know, for instance, that your ideal client is a doctor in his fifties, then it’s probably unlikely that he’s spending a lot of time on Facebook because he’s going to be booking at patients every five minute blocks or ten minute blocks.

Whereas you might find that if it’s somebody 45 plus that’s into caravanning or that enjoys caravanning then social media is a great place to get their attention.

It is essential to understand your perfect client. Who exactly is it that you’d love to work with and who is your product, service, offering most suited to. Then find out how they behave and that’s usually a really good indication of how to get in front of them.

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