How to create the ‘perfect’ Facebook Ad

How to create the ‘perfect’ Facebook Ad

A lot of people nowadays realise the potential of advertising on Facebook for their online businesses. A popular practice for businesses – especially with after the algorithm changes- is creating Facebook Ads. It is important that your business produces a Facebook Ad that attracts your audiences attention while creating desire for your product, turning your audience into potential customers. 

Here are my tips for creating a perfect Facebook Ad


Know your audience

You need to laser focus on who your target audience is. It is important to understand your audience and what appeals to them and what is relevant to them in relation to your business. This is what you need to consider before doing any creative or copy for your Facebook Ad. 

Knowing your audience gives you more information on the style of imagery, video or copy that your audience would relate to and the style that would capture their attention which would then create desire for your product.

Same with traditional advertising, you only have a very small window of opportunity for your ad to be seen by your audience. On average your ad has only 1.2 seconds to capture the attention of your audience when they’re scrolling through their feeds. This is why it is beneficial to have a targeted market. It is important to note that your ad should have the ability to stop the audience and get them to act or enough for them to notice several times for them to make the decision to act. 


Identify your objective

I’ve talked about identifying your objectives in my book, “I just want it to work”. For me, everything that you do should begin with setting the right objective and attaching these objectives to the right strategy. Create objectives that are relevant to your campaign and to your target audience.

The beauty about Facebook is that it provides you with insights into the type of objective that you would set.

For instance, say your objective would be “I need to get traffic to my website or to a landing page”. On Facebook you would select ‘Traffic’ as your objective for that post which aims to drive engagement and clicks through to your website. When you set this objective for your Ad, the goal is to entice or intrigue people to click through to your website.  


Create the Ad Objective

What do you want your ad to look like? So, Facebook has a number of different strategies that are available. The copy, imagery or the videos play a vital role when creating the ad’s objective. In my experience, we find that video ads tend to work best in capturing people’s attention quicker than just a static image. If you’re using static images, one of the things that we tend to recommend with advertising is what they call split testing. Split test or split testing is when you use a variety of images, video or copy in different combinations to test what combination works best, who gets the most engagement or action from your target audience. For instance, for our blog posts we use captivating landscape imagery which catches peoples attention when scrolling. Once they have stopped to look at the image, they then read the copy and get intrigued and click through to the blog. This strategy is important to note, as humans are wired visually. 

In my agency, what we do when we build campaigns is to use different combinations. For example, we might use 5 different images, we might even use 5 different pieces of copy, or 5 different images, we can use a video with 5 different pieces of copy. You see, when creating ads, our combinations gives us 20, 30 or even 40 ads just for one campaign.

And then we launch those ads and then we optimise those ads based on what the audiences are doing.

On our reports, we might find that the people are clicking more on the video rather than clicking on the static images. Or they may be leaning towards one combination of static images more than they’re leaning towards another combination of static images.

Ultimately, there’s a variety of strategies that you can employ to optimise that and get the best performance for your Facebook ads campaign.


Just to recap, creating a perfect Facebook Ad is all about keeping it really simple, think about your audience. Think about what appeals to them, consider the aim or goal that you want to achieve with your post and then match that with the right objective within the advertising manager on Facebook. Once you understand this, you can begin split testing different styles of posts to find out which work best and get the most engagement from your target audience.