How To Keep a Blog Updated in 2020.

How To Keep a Blog Updated in 2020.

Great questions coming specifically around content development and the question I was asked is, “What is the key to writing a successful blog?” 

The simplest way to answer that is…

“what are the questions that are being asked by your target audience or your customers frequently?” 

Most businesses I talked to who have 5 to 10 questions they could roll off tip of their tongue that they get asked every day in different ways from their customers. And so, what we find is that if you tend to answer those questions well and effectively write a response to those questions, that’s one of the best things you could do, to write an effective blog.

We typically look to create blog posts that are somewhere between 500 and 1,000 words which clearly answer those questions.

Attempt to give as much information as possible and put it in context for your most typical customer/s.

Your customers are inherently searching on Google looking to a question.  If your content answers similar questions, there’s a better chance that content will be found when people are doing those searches.

So that is my number 1 tip on how I would write really good content. In summary it’s about: answering questions, make it as relevant to the people who are asking those questions as possible and that will be a great first start in creating some really good blog content. 

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