Is facebook only for consumers?

Is facebook only for consumers?

For something that is used almost daily by up to 2 billion people the capabilities of Facebook are often misunderstood. There are assumptions made about the platform which mean that the potential for B2B marketing is often overlooked.

People assume that Facebook is only for consumers. They assume the only market available on Facebook is for a business to sell to individuals. This means businesses are only seeing half the story.

Imagine having a washing machine and not realising it had a dryer built in as well. All this time you’ve been hanging your wet clothes on the washing line or a clothes horse when you could have been doing two jobs in one place.

When we stop the myth that Facebook is solely a consumer market and embrace the fact that businesses can use it sell to other business then we can improve our marketing (and profits!) dramatically.

What we need to remember is that all those 2 billion individuals work in businesses and have roles within organisations of some form, maybe as managing directors, maybe as a CEO, accountants, lawyers, tradies, whatever. Our working and personal lives are more intertwined than ever and having Facebook open in your browser is a much more accepted practise at work and therefore it is a great inlet into business.

It is absolutely possible to run B2B business campaigns and foster B2B relationships using Facebook as the platform. The trick is for us when using Facebook on a B2B level is understanding how to tap in to that audience and how to get our targeting really spot on and really aligned with exactly who it is we want to communicate with.

Now this myth is thoroughly busted take the opportunity to get in there ahead of the competition before others start to wake up to this knowledge.