Is Google AdWords Suitable For My Business?

Is Google AdWords Suitable For My Business?

Business owners across Australia and the globe seem to be in constant growth mode, it’s safe to say no one wants to go backwards. With that comes all the ways and ideas a founder or marketing director can grow their business, including Google AdWords. 

It’s no secret that there are customers on Google. There’re 3.5 billion searches per day on Google, and a percentage of those are searching for the products and services that YOU sell.  

Getting your business in front of these prospects as they are searching is exactly what Google AdWords is all about.  
If you sell antique lights, and there is someone on google, in your city right now… who is searching for “antique lights shop” or something similar, this person is a hot prospect for you. And having your business name, details, and website in front of them should be valuable.  
But it’ll cost you. And if you jump into Google AdWords without taking the time to the learn the platform, it’ll probably cost you dearly. 

AdWords is Different

Talk to any business owner about winning more customers and growing their business and the first few words that’ll be said are likely going to be: 

  1. Google Ads 
  2. Facebook 
  3. SEO 
  4. Website 
  5. (and maybe) Instagram. 

And so, it should be. These five areas are the key platforms that control the web right now, and they probably will for the next 5 years at least. 

Facebook probably takes the top spot on most business owners’ agendas, and I believe largely because it doesn’t cost money to get started. Setting up a page, writing some posts and sharing videos is free to do.  

(And yes, Facebook has over 2 billion users around the globe so the majority of everyone’s customers are on it – that also helps it reach #1 in my view). 

But Google AdWords is different. It acts different, and business owners should approach it differently.

Google AdWords Tips

Google AdWords Tips

In no particular order, and this is not designed to be a definitive list, but here are some tips for any business owner to hear and take in before testing out Google AdWords with their first $100: 

  • When people search on Google, they are usually searching for a solution (not for an idea). So, your advertisement and wording should meet their search.  
  • If your business is ‘Tennis Court Repair’, and someone searches for ‘Tennis Courts’, that isn’t the best search term for you to target with your Ads. A Google search for ‘tennis courts’ could mean several different things.  
  • When someone clicks on your Google Ad, they should be sent to a unique page on your website that is designed just for their search.  
  • If they searched for ‘Tennis Court Repair’, when this person clicks on your ad and goes to your website, they should see a page that is 100% about your ‘Tennis Court Repair’ service + how to easily get in contact with you. 
  • In your Google Ad, use the words that your customer will use. You might have a special tool / or technique that you use to prepare the foundation of the tennis court, but it’s likely your customer doesn’t know anything about that, and doesn’t need to, so consider NOT mentioning it. Just talk about what the majority of your customers want to know and hear. 

Google AdWords is a great place to advertise to grow a business. And it’s 99% likely that your customers are searching for what you sell on Google. Therefore, there is a customer base there actively looking for answers.  

Take some small steps before betting big. If you are certain you want to invest in this space, I suggest having a small play around with it and consider testing a small amount of money. An amount that you would be happy to wave goodbye to, and simply just learn from.   

Take this step LONG BEFORE you start to consider investing thousands and projecting your ad spend returns.  

If you would like my and my teams’ help with Google AdWords, contact me here on this website and we can organise a time to talk.  

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