How keep your Instagram Uniform

How keep your Instagram Uniform

There’s a lot of topics in google or even people saying how one should best use Instagram to promote their business. Whilst all of these are helpful, the overload in information can’t make decisions easier in branding your business, especially for start-up business owners.

So, should you follow the rules or break them?

I recently wrote a blog about the quality of the content or the quality of the creative coming you produce.   I think some people get really concerned about everything having to be perfect and polished, which I don’t believe is always the case. I think great content makes a big difference, but if you’re running a startup business, you don’t need your content to be in the same caliber as the big players in your industry. I know—because I don’t. Getting your content to 80% is more than enough and is good enough – if you remain CONSISTENT. 

For startup businesses, Instagram is a fantastic way to promote your business. Instagram can help increase your brand’s visibility, popularity, loyalty and authority. You can choose many ways for how you’d like to position your brand on Instagram, and can base this on the actions of your target audience using this platform. 

If you’re looking for an easiest way to make your feed look uniform and creative, one option you can use is to create a template. The template would have the same frame or layout -in square formate of course- and the only thing you change is the picture. Say you create a template with a white boarder with your logo in the bottom right hand corner, this would create a consistent look and feel on your instagram page. Another option you can choose to keep your instagram looking uniform is using the same filter every time you post an image, which will create a consistent tone and ambiance to your profile’s page. 

The best way to tell the story of your brand is by adding personality into your content. It is about making people understand who you are, what you do, how you go about things. Instagram’s a great way of depicting the most intricate of details that could be happening behind the scenes or in your day-to-day life, and not forgetting to capture the business side of things too. It’s about being personal and it’s about keeping people up-to-date with your brand and activities. Although this may not necessarily relate to the look and feel of your page, consistency helps create uniformity too. 

If you look at my Instagram feed, it’s quite varied and I like that. I don’t have a theme or template. I’m not sticking to the rule book about how to activate Instagram. For me, Instagram is for my brand, my personal brand and the value I offer to people. I like that diversity, because that’s very much a part of my brand — I travel, I work with my team, I talk to a lot of different people. I’m doing strategies one day, I’m creating plans the next, then I’m filming content with my assistant. It is so diverse and I love capturing all of that. So, it truely depends on your brand and what exactly it is you are trying to achieve by creating a sense of uniformity. 

Ultimately, to scale your business, you can use Instagram by making your feed look creatively uniform but don’t forget to add personality. Your feed should be reflective of who you are as a brand, and what it is that makes you different.  I hope that helps.

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