The Key to an Entrepreneur’s Mindset

The Key to an Entrepreneur’s Mindset

I recently got asked what the mindset of a successful entrepreneur is.

I feel humbled to have been asked this question, however, whilst I do have an element of success and I have a number of businesses that are performing quite well, for me, this is just the beginning. And perhaps a lot of the successful entreprenures of this world feel the same,  they may not see themselves as being overly successful either, in that it’s a journey, not a destination.

But going back to the question about the mindset of the successful entrepreneur, I can only really share what my mindset is, which is what I know, and I’m sure every entrepreneur has a different view on what makes up the mindset of a successful entrepreneur. But I think, first and foremost, for me, it’s tenacity. It’s just being relentless in your approach to anything that you’re doing.

So, I am a big believer in it being an ‘all or nothing’ exercise. I don’t think you can be half in and half-hearted on any one thing in particular. What motivates me is just knowing that I’m making a commitment to something, just like a marriage, just like being in a sports team, just like being part of a gym, or being on a board of directors. You make a commitment to be part of something, and that commitment is what drives your mindset to stay focused on that end goal, whatever that may be.

I think a component of an entrepreneur’s mindset is drawn from the hunger and the need or the willingness to achieve, which may come from a background of hardship, as it does with me. I draw upon the fact that my dad migrated from Malta to Canada and couldn’t speak a word of English and struggled with his reading and writing. And he still made something of himself and he was still able to work. And that’s because he let his work do the talking, because he was an amazing craftsman. And my mother, quite well educated, also migrated from Malta to Canada and although educated she chose to be a stay-at-home mum and take care of the family. So, it is these sacrifices that I draw upon to motivate me to succeed. Knowing that whatever the circumstances, my parents were able to make it work and put food on our table and send us to a private school.


Kevin Spiteri

Another aspect of my life that I draw upon is the fact that I grew up in the Western Suburbs of Sydney, in a single income family. Being that we never had much money left over after food and bills, I was 14 when I decided that if I wanted things for myself I would have to work for them myself as my parents were doing everything they could. I decided from a very young age that I was hungry for success and I wanted to be able to buy the things I wanted for me and not rely upon anyone else to get it for me. And so I constantly draw on that feeling that I had from a very young age and this is what motivates me to succeed.

I think where a lot of people go wrong is by having a sense of entitlement. Whether that be an entitlement that their parents support them, or an entitlement to a pay rise a work, I think if you remove that sense of entitlement, that is the key to an entrepreneurs mindset. Because once you stop feeling entitled, you just work for it. You work for what you want, rather than waiting for it to come to you.

Lastly, and most importantly, is the willingness to fail. Being able to understand that you may fail dismally and being strong enough to accept it is key. And that’s something that again I am very comfortable with, because if you come from nothing you understand that you’ve got effectively nothing to lose. And that’s not to say that you shouldnt calculate your risks, but rather, you need to back yourself, back your knowledge, skill set and network. And understand that there are lessons to be learned in failing.

So, for me, I think they are the three things that contribute to the entrepreneur’s mindset and they’re the things that resonate and work with me. Hopefully, that, it’ll inspire you or entice you to figure what it is that motivates and drives you to success.


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