Should I Build An App?

Should I Build An App?

The short answer for most and if not, the majority of the businesses is, if you’re building a website, your website should be mobile responsive which means the necessity, or the need for a mobile app is somewhat redundant.

Where there can be an opportunity for a mobile app to be relevant for your business is where there is a need for:

  • repeat or regular use.
  • or focused use of a particular function that is linked to your website.

For instance,  if you’re in the events industry. The value of having an app that allows you to setup events for your clients, potentially could be really valuable or if a client is hosting events regularly.

You might want to have an app to make it easy for them to book your services or to book your services  regularly. In this instance, a mobile app might be more beneficial for your business.  

For most businesses however, if your website is primarily:

  • Giving information.
  • Providing forms
  • Contact
  • Providing images, or portfolio,
  • or similar.

The website itself not necessarily require the user to be frequently access, or updating any information on the website (or on any app).

Businesses with these type of websites just need it to be mobile responsive.

Does my business need an app?

For instances where you can be doing something regularly or you need to look at regular client engagement or you want to make it easier of selling in person, ordering, or even having a login so it remembers specific details, that could be where a mobile app would be beneficial to your business as just an example.  

Again, it comes down to the objective and the strategy that you have in place and that is something you put your thought into before you make the decision to go down the mobile app path. Otherwise, in the large majority of cases you can get away with having or building a mobile responsive website. 

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