Social media tools for Real Estate Agents

Social media tools for Real Estate Agents

Imagine and think about the popular real estate agents that you know. Do you remember about the specific detail that the agent was known for? Every successful realtor in the market have their own brand.

Personal brands, just like my Kevin Spiteri brand other influencers out there, is the aim of every aspiring agent so that can people relate to them because having a brand differentiates you in the market.

Their personal brand helps you remember them and eventually that’s what draws you in to do business with them. People do business with people. This is not a business to consumer transaction, this is not a business to business transaction. You’ll then realize, it’s one person doing business with another person and that’s how we do business. It’s about the brand and the personality.

You’ll see a lot of real estate agents go the extra mile in building their brand by putting themselves on billboards which can be seen on buses and bus stops. They’re trying to achieve that above the line branding that major brand awareness creates so that they can deliver familiarity. They want to be seen as familiar, they want to be remembered, so when they are seen in the streets it would be easier for somebody to go and say “Hey, I know you! You’re that agent with the ABC company or You’re that agent with XYZ company”.

And there are so many real estate agents that have built their personal brand and have won businesses on the fact that people want them to sell their house to, buy from them or engage in an auction or negotiation with them. The trend now is that people are now are looking into the personality of those individual agents before purchasing a home.

Realtors can greatly benefit from using social media when building their brand. To help you build your personal brand as a realtor, here are the 3 social media tools that I believe agents should be active in.


Is a tool that you can use from a professional standpoint. This platform allows you to network with business owners, with individuals within a particular geography that you are working within. It gives you an advantage to position yourself professionally and in regards to your professional content about the real estate industry. Your knowledge and expertise showcased in this platform can help you build or grow your influence.


Facebook is going to give you that broader demographic, that broader population, it allows you to be hyper local. So, hyper local means you got a geography that your targeting. It allows you to be really well positioned within that geography that you’re targeting when you’re buying or selling houses.

So, if you’re fostering the sale of houses and linking it with potential buyers or conversely looking for listings to be able to sell those houses, Facebook is a very good way of introducing yourself within the community.


Instagram works similarly with Facebook except that it’s focused on capturing visual and Instagram stories. Instagram has hashtags and from a hashtag’s perspective, it can give you a lot of reach. It allows you to showcase some of your properties. It allows you to talk or build your personality in the Instagram stories. People who are locally based can follow you, can find you, they can see your attitude and personality, and get a good understanding of who you are as an individual.


These social media tools would be the best tools to use to help grow your personal brand and your influence within your local area.

And then nothing beats the good old fashioned tactical marketing — getting face to face with individuals, joining community events, being involved in your community and genuinely just wanting to immerse yourself in what you do and what happens around your community. Because that’s what’s going to give you that respect.

It’s going to give you that recognition and its definitely going to help activate your audience. You may be able to build that audience of people who they may not be willing to sell their house now but in 2,3,4 or 5 years, they certainly can become your potential buyers. And when that happens, you would like them to be able to remember you as the one that they would consult when it comes to buying a house.

The beauty about the social media tools is it allows you to communicate and set yourself as an authority in a particular niche and be able to do it at scale in a really efficient way as it happens.

Being at the auction, being at the open home, being at the first visitation, whatever it might be – these are the moments that you can capture and use as a tool to build your brand. Capturing these in your phone is such an easy tool to get that action as it happens– real time. It’s great knowing that you can continually build your personal brand and your influence while sharing your expertise and knowledge of your market and your community with your audience. Social Media tools helps create a win-win situation for both realtors and buyers.