The First Step For Your Company to Dominate.

The First Step For Your Company to Dominate.

Before diving head first into the social media deep end, what’s the very first thing decision you need to make for your company? 

Think about this, did McDonalds aim to make and sell you the absolute best hamburger you have ever had? Was that their goal?  

Or was McDonalds goal to give you a burger with at least some taste on the go, very quickly, at an industry low price compared to the alternatives. (if you eat McDonalds or not, the point still stands for their hundreds of millions of customers around the globe). 

Beating your competitors, and growing your company to an untouchable advantage, is a powerful motivator to get better at marketing your business.  

However, before you can stand on the podium as your industries #1, there’s an important task that needs to be done.  
When I first consult with a business owner to help them achieve these and similar goals I’ve just mentioned, the first area we focus on is what I call ‘Destination Planning’.  

Destination Planning

Before leading the charge, I encourage you to decide and be very clear on where you want your company to get to. As simple as this reads, planning your companies destination is going to:  

  1. Make your company, your service or your product shine like a beacon in the night for your most perfect and targeted customers.  
  2. Laser your focus to only the activities that will get you there. Think of this as a literal map to drive from Sydney to Melbourne… there’s thousands of turns that you do not need to make along the way. 
  3. Turn every $1 you were going to spend marketing business, into $2 or higher… Simply because knowing where you are NOT going, and where you ARE going builds efficiencies at every turn.  

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McDonalds knew where they were going when they had just one restaurant. If you have not yet seen the movie The Founder on Netflix (about the start and early days of McDonalds), consider watching it to help you see the power of focus and destination planning.  

Why Should I Do This First?

I hinted at this already. If you are driving from Sydney to Melbourne, you don’t need to go via Brisbane, Alice Springs nor Newcastle.  

Knowing where your company is NOT going is equally as important as knowing where your company is going.  

You will also now have the foresight to include, invest in and deploy only the resources that will get you there. The costly process of “try everything and see what works” can be left for your competitors to try win at. 

Destination Planning is one of the very first things I talk through when helping company owners strategise their plan for growth.  

If you’d like to talk about getting my help creating your companies marketing and growth strategy, reach out to me here and answer a few questions that I always ask company owners in advance. So that I can prepare better for our conversation. 


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