How to use Brand Ambassadors favourably for your business

How to use Brand Ambassadors favourably for your business

Are you using brand ambassadors to build your brand and online presence?

Back in my corporate days, finding somebody famous or who had attention of an audience, to become your ambassador was quite an expensive exercise, and it still can be depending on who it is. But what I love about ambassadors and social media in particular is that now it can be a relatively cost effective strategy to implement for your brand. I recently wrote a blog about how to use micro influencers on social media, which I recommend reading if you have questioned using a brand ambassador, as the concept is relatively the same.

So ,what we often find is that with typical ambassadorships, the investment required to drive an ambassador or to engage an ambassador, will depend on their profile or their social status. For instance, if you wanted Kim Kardashian you could only imagine what that’s going to cost, versus an up and coming sports star. The latter is going to be a much more cost-effective engagement.

However, ultimately what we should really be focusing on for the ambassadorship model is aiming to make everybody that comes into contact with our business an ambassador. So instead of just thinking about who can you use to seed your business, begin thinking about the ways in which you can make your customers the biggest advocates of your business and how to do that at scale.

So, it is about little things, it’s about the experience, it’s about the conversations you have, it’s the ways that your marketing techniques ‘touch’ them either directly or indirectly. It’s about going the extra mile to build meaningful relationships and experiences that will make advocates out of your customers.

And if you’re looking at leveraging some form of celebrity profile, then you want to think about exactly what it is you’re looking to achieve as a business, and the type of people who you want the attention of. So, if you find that you want the attention of 50+, CEOs of multinational corporations, think about the sort of people that have their attention. That’s where you begin.

And for this example, this is where you’d look at the guys from Australian Financial Review, Money Magazine, the real-estate agents that do business with them, their stock brokers, their financial planners. And then you start having the conversations and reaching out to them. But first you must figure out how you can create a mutually beneficial way of getting them to become ambassadors for your business.

Likewise, if you have a product based business– maybe you sell shoes –  begin to think about who would use those shoes, what does that audience look like, what types of occasions the shoes suit. Understand again who has the attention of that market and then work out ways to create brand ambassadors for those shoes.

So, don’t look at ambassadors as individuals, but rather, every customer or client that comes into contact with your business. Build advocates for your brand. And when you’re ready for the next step, that’s when I recommend reaching out to the people who have the attention of your target audience online.


If you’re interested in learning more and you feel that you need a simplified guide to business marketing strategies feel free to grab a copy of my book or reach out to me on Facebook or LinkedIn. I’ll be more than happy to help if you have any questions or uncertainties in regards to your business or marketing strategy.

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