What Is SEO, And Do You Need It?

What Is SEO, And Do You Need It?

Yes, it’s not a new topic. But yes, it’s just as big of a deal as when you first heard about it. In the early 2000’s business owners in Australia started asking… “what is SEO?”. 

In 2019, that’s probably a question you know the answer to.  

If not, here’s two quick explanations: 

  1. SEO = Search Engine Optimisation. (Google is a search engine, Yahoo and Bing, are also search engines).  
  1. Optimising refers to making a website “better” in the eyes of the search engine. (So that, when your customer searches for “Jacks plumbing in Melbourne”, your website will show up in the first place, or at least on the first page of search results – assuming you’re Jack).  

Anyone who knows the potential gold mine Google can be for their business, wants their business to appear nice and early in the rankings when their customer searches for their service, and in the geographical area they cover. 

Do You Need SEO? 

There’s countless successful businesses who don’t have strong rankings in Google or any of the other search engines. And the opposite is also true.  

My question for you is simple… 

“How many roads do you want to lead to your business?” 

Explaining what seo is

The Most Dangerous Number in Business 

Dan Kennedy, renowned global marketing professional is quoted as saying: 

“The most dangerous number in business is one”.   

If there is only one road leading to your business, what if that road gets flooded or blocked? (figuratively speaking of course). 

Your one road might be Facebook. What would happen if Facebook froze or deleted your Facebook page? 

Maybe your one road is the one partner who sends you 90% of your work. What happens if that one partner retires, or decides they can make more money by doing the work themselves? 

Having your website well optimised so it appears in lots of online searches of your target customers is one road worth building.  

Each different road you can build that brings customers to your business is another layer of security. 

SEO is one of these roads. 

Your referral strategy and email marketing are two other roads you could develop.  

Why Google? 

To put it overly simply, there are three different types of customers.  

  1. Customers who don’t want what you’re selling.  
  2. Customers who might soon want what you’re selling.  
  3. Customers who do want what you are selling.  

The customers in 2. and 3. are most valuable to you of course. The customers in category 3. are the most valuable overall.  

When someone goes to google and searches for “plumbing service Melbourne”, they are very likely actively looking for a plumber in Melbourne right now.  

Customers on google have serious intention.  

Customers on Facebook or the owners of houses behind your last letter box drop (for example) don’t have the same intention. They may sit in either of the three categories mentioned above.  

If you were able to get some of the customers searching for what you sell on Google, that would be a valuable pillar of your business.  

That’s why search engine optimisation is worth considering at least, if not getting the ball rolling right now.  

If you want to hear how we would tackle SEO for your business on your behalf, organise a call with us here.  

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