What’s The Best Ratio Of Content?

What’s The Best Ratio Of Content?

“Whats the best ratio of content for my social media page?”

When posting on your social media page for your business, it can be hard to know exactly what to be posting. I often get asked “what’s the best ratio of content to be posting on my social media feeds”, in particular Facebook and Instagram we’re talking about here. Now, this is where you need to focus on your audience, and start to think about what’s going to appease them the most. Once you get a really clear understanding of who your followers are, who’s engaging with you and why they’re engaging, you can help improve that content ratio. We see, for instance, on some sites people are there because they want benefits, they want discounts on products, they want to know what new products are coming out, they want to know what sort of stuff you’re stocking, so they’re happy to be sold to and the ratio of sales can outweigh content that is to educational or entertaining.

If you’ve got great content that’s educational, that teaches them something that perhaps they didn’t know, or creates some form of awareness that they weren’t familiar with, this is what is going to draw them back to your page time and time again. If your content is entertaining, when your audience is flicking through, snacking on content, they will enjoy the content that is easy to digest, and you may even build an audience that loves being on Instagram on Fridays for your funny meme posts, for instance. Here you can use your business to start a trend or theme, whereby people can look forward to the types of posts you push out. On average, you have like less than a 1.2 second window to grab somebody’s attention on social media while they are scrolling through their feed, this is why it is crucial that your content stands out and grabs the attention of your audience enough for them to stop scrolling to check out your post.

We’ve covered off educational, we’ve covered off engaging, now let’s get to informative… this is where the sales part comes in. This is where you can share a bit of information about your brand, your product, your service, share some information about what it is you do, what the products do, but the key here is to do it in a way that tells a story. If you can give information or share information about your product or service in a way that’s educational and engaging, the success of your content will go a lot further.

Ultimately, when it comes to content ratio, there is no real set guideline. It all depends on how your audience responds and what they want. This is where it comes down to you paying attention to how your audience behaves. What’s going to make all the difference is for you to be constantly clicking, improving, performing, testing multiple types of content. So, listen to your audience, listen to what they say, watch your engagement, look at the comments, look at the likes, watch the analytics and let the data do the talking. Start to track the types of content that gain the greatest engagement, then start doing more of that.


I hope that helps.

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