3 ways to get noticed online

3 ways to get noticed online

How do I get noticed on social media? It’s a question I often get asked by my family, friends, potential clients or even long-term clients.

For someone so focused on all being dangerously digital, I love this question because it’s broad enough for me to go down to so many different avenues, but I will to focus on a couple of things for this blog.

So, there’s a couple of ways of getting noticed and it depends on the platform that you’re using. 

Let me show you how to get noticed on the three most prolific channels.



If you are a professional looking to discover, connect and nurture relationships with people that matter. You can tap into your professional potential in LinkedIn. Here’s how to get noticed in this platform.

First – Build your connection base

Go back to the people that you’ve met. Search people that you’ve dealt with in the past. Look for people that you’ve networked with over time. Find the people whom you believe you could create a relationship with, then connect with them.

Second – Offer value

The first step sounds simple and exciting right? A word of caution, before you go any further –Remember when you’re connecting with them, offer some value. You need to have a reason why you’re connecting with them, so that they don’t think that you’re just trying to gain access to their network. The amount of traffic that LinkedIn is getting and the viewership is working really well. Use that as a way to offer value. Primarily, find written articles and videos especially now that videos work really well on LinkedIn. 

Third – Engage

Look and follow the type of people that you associate with or your business would associate with. Find the influencers in your industry and then engage with their content.  Some tips on how to engage would be, writing some responses, seeing what other people have to say, maybe challenging what they have to say or agreeing with what they have to say.

LinkedIn is a great platform for some very robust and intellectual conversations so it’s a good platform for being able to voice your thoughts and opinions and knowledge in a very professional way without necessarily sounding unproductive or attacking someone. These attacks usually tend to happen on other social platforms like Facebook and Instagram, because it’s a little more casual but not on LinkedIn.



If you’re someone looking to capture and share the world’s moments, then Instagram is for you.

Here’s how to get noticed in this platform.

First – Tag your location

When posting your Instagram stories, make sure to tag your locations. Stories with tagged locations tends to have higher engagement than stories that do not have tagged locations.

Second – Use #Hashtags

Adding hashtags to your Instagram stories make it easier for people to find, follow, and contribute to your stories or conversations. It’s important that the hashtags that you’ll use are relevant.

You can take these a step further. You can both do location tagging and hashtag tagging in your Instagram stories.

So, for instance, I was in Byron Bay recently on business, working out there for a week with my business partners, and I was fairly regularly tagging a lot of my content in Byron Bay, so I was doing the location-based tagging but then I was also doing hashtags relevant to what we were doing.

At one point in time, we were coding and hash tagging the word coding got us a huge amount of traffic.  A lot of people who we wouldn’t have normally been able to reach, who may be checking or following that hashtag, checked it out.


The reality now is that it’s really tough now if you’re trying to build Facebook organically. It’s a pay to play environment, which means if you want your content to be seen and to reach a broad number of people, you need to pay for that.

Here’s how to get noticed in this platform.

First – Invest

It doesn’t have to be a huge amount of money; conservative levels of investment are fine to make sure that the right people are seeing your content

Second – Engage

Find the type of people that you want to follow. Look for the businesses that are doing well and engage with their content.  What tends to happen is they see you, you’ve reached out to them, maybe offered some value, offered some good discussion, there’s a greater chance that they are going to look at your profile, look at your business page and follow you as well.

Third –
Build a Facebook group

Create your own channel and your own audience for Facebook.

When you own the group and you build that group organically over time, it gives you direct access to your audience and the content that you produce will always be seen by your audience. Your content will always pop up in their notifications.  If they’re in a group, group notifications will always register on individual’s notifications, so it’s a really great way of getting a very tight knit and very focused audience all in one place.

As a bonus, the same principle applies to Twitter as well. Tweeting people back and just engaging is a great way to get noticed.