Is SEO Still Relevant in 2020?

Is SEO Still Relevant in 2020?

There’s a big question getting quietly whispered behind closed doors in marketing and business meetings, those brave enough to speak up and pose the thought: “Is SEO still relevant in 2020?” 

I want to answer that question with a two more questions: 

“Is Google still relevant in 2020?” 

“Do you still see Google as the place where people would go in and conduct their searches in 2020?”   

My answer is: Absolutely! 

 I am pretty sure that most people would agree that Google is not going anywhere. If you look at one of my previous videos, I talked about understanding the differences between SEO or Search Engine Optimisation and “paid” – Paid Ads on Google, or organic search options in Google.  

The key point from these discussions and the reason for this blog post is to cover the importance of SEO and if it is still relevant…  

It absolutely is.  

Often SEO tends to be looked at as the Holy Grail to businesses’ digital marketing success and that’s not necessarily the case.  

Yes, most businesses would like to be ranked number 1 or on page 1 of Google. But is it the most valuable way of them investing their money, presuming you don’t have the skills to do it yourself?   

Is it the most valuable way of businesses investing their money in order to be ranked first on Google or on the first page of Google?  

I’ll add here that nobody can guarantee being number 1 on Google unless they’re using strategies and tactics that are not necessarily aligned with best practice in what Google would prefer.  

With all this in mind, what I want you to consider is there are many other tactics and there are many other ways of achieving success when it comes to your Digital Marketing.  

SEO is only one channel. It’s one tactic that for some businesses, it’s very relevant. For other businesses there I’d say they don’t even need a website.  

A good Facebook page is more than enough to them to market their business. Being found organically on Google is not necessarily relevant. 

 In fact, Facebook ranks extremely well as you can imagine on Google. Even if somebody was doing a search for a similar businesses and what product, there’s a chance that you might be able to use Facebook and your Facebook page ranks on Google. 

SEO is relevant but it is more so about Google being relevant and understanding what search terms would be best to rank for on Google as it relates to your industry and your customers.  

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