Should I boost posts on Facebook?

Should I boost posts on Facebook?

One of the questions I’m asked quite frequently is whether there is any value in boosting posts on Facebook and whether it’s just about reaching more people?

Firstly, the purpose of boosting a post is to ensure it hits your target audience.There would be little value in boosting it if it weren’t going to increase the chances of the people you’re targeting seeing the post. Rather than taking a ‘more the merrier’ approach, look to increase engagement by targeting those with a vested interest in the content you’re sharing.

Facebook has provided us with an incredible platform to engage our audience, asking in return for only a small sum of money to ensure that your brand, messages, video and content are being seen.

There are two ways you can do this:

  1. You can boost the post to your current audience
  2. You can boost the post to a specific audience

Facebook allows you to set the specific market you are targeting to ensure you’re reaching those with the relevant demographics and interests.

The second objective should be your purpose for boosting it. Yes, branding is okay and there’s nothing wrong with doing that, but for me ROI is important, so defining a purpose for that content is critical.

Your post should include a call to action – a reason to engage with your brand.

Make sure the call to action is going to be of benefit to your audience, whether it’s something you think they will enjoy or share, engage with or act on, this is where the value really comes into it. Bear in mind who your audience are, what content they like to consume and what shared values and intererests you may be able to leverage. A regular assessment of which posts are achieving the greatest engagement will provide some insight here. 

It is worth noting here that you don’t need to boost every post! Select the best ones, the ones that contain great content, are performing well and are designed to encourage a specific outcome.

Happy post boosting!

If you have any questions you’d like me to answer on my blog, please send them through here.

Stay Dangerous,
Kevin Spiteri

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