How do I promote my business on social media if I am an introvert?

How do I promote my business on social media if I am an introvert?

Very few people feel completely comfortable on social media. Whether we are conscious of it or not, what we choose to reveal to the online world is a very carefully managed affair.

This is also true of your business. You’re are trying to portray a certain image and a brand that, once you hit ‘Publish’, will be open to public scrutiny.

For some people the challenge and excitement this brings is what they thrive off. For others, the thought of putting your business on social media is enough to send you crawling under your desk. After all it’s become your world, right? It’s too precious to expose it to the ravages and savages online.

Unfortunately for you introverts, that step does have to happen at some point and the more personable your brand is the more successful it is likely to be. People want to see that it is an extension of you not a faceless company.

The thing to remember is to take a step back and to think about your audience and to think about what would resonate with them the most. Depending on your product or service will govern the way in which you would communicate with them and only you know this best.

But relax, this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to get in front of a camera and actually speak to them. Your nerves will show and your unkeenness to be there will come across, so there’s no point in you doing it.

If it’s a product, you might find that creating some video content from behind the camera gets you a lot more response and a lot more engagement than doing something in front of the camera.

If it’s a service business, similarly, you may want to create different kinds of content. Such as blogs or articles or potentially even a basic script or explaining video. All of which doesn’t have to involve you getting in front of a camera.

Having said this I want you to keep in mind, as business owners, is that I will always encourage you to step outside your comfort zone and to do something you don’t usually do. Push your limits. You may not be comfortable right now, but give it a few tries and you may be better than you think. Show a few trusted friends and get their honest feedback and then try again if you have to.

But if you’re not internally comfortable with it, or you feel that your audience won’t grab or gain as much value from you doing it, then just don’t put yourself in that position.

Instead look at a way to figure out how can you drive the most value. What can you do that’s going to be of benefit to your audience. There could be a myriad of ways that you could actually do that and you can achieve that for your customers.

I know a lot of people that are very comfortable putting forward their personal brand, I know I do. For me the personal brand is important because people would like to know who is behind the strategy. And that’s what we do, that’s the role that I play. I really enjoy that aspect and part of my role is to educate business owners and to help them understand the marketing, digital, and social media process. To help them make smart decisions and good decisions in their business.

Ultimately, it’s doing what it takes to drive the most value for your customer and if you’re not overly comfortable with that then that’s okay. Just find the mix that you’re comfortable with and that works for you but always bring it back to your audience and what benefits them the most, first and foremost.

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